Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eye Exam Revisited

Alright, I went to the eye doctor and found out that I don't see as well as I thought I did.  So, I ordered new glasses and when they came in, I went to get them.


The difference in prescription for the lens for my left eye is so drastic that it has distorted my vision.  The tech that fitted the glasses for me warned me that the change would likely cause some disorientation for a little while.  He was right.  I have had a constant feeling of near dizziness and depth perception "strangeness."  I am finally getting used to the change after nearly a week, but it was very strange there for a while.

Here's the thing: once again there is a parallel.  I mentioned before that we can easily think that we "see" things the way we should spiritually, but when we are confronted (by God's Word or His people) we find that we do not "see" as well as we thought.  Well, it is also true that when we begin to see things God's way again, the difference can be disorienting.  It is important to realize that God does not see things the way the world does.  So, perceptions will differ.  "Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear."

So if you find that you have recently discovered something new about God, don't be discouraged if it feels weird for a little while.  As with my eyes, your mind will adjust to the difference and you will eventually become much more comfortable with it.  In the end you have two choices:  you can avoid the temporary discomfort and settle for unclear vision, or you can accept a short adjustment period and see more clearly the things, ways, and character of God.

The choice is ours, and it is a daily one.

P.S.  Don't be too surprised if God's way of seeing things is different.  After all, we call gold a precious metal; God calls it pavement.  Just sayin'.  :)

God Bless you all!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eye Exam

Well, it's been about 5 years since my last eye exam.  So, I decided that since my night time vision is not so great lately, and since my glasses seem to be slowly disintegrating, it was probably time to get my eyes checked.

The thing is that I thought my vision might be a little off, but when I got to the exam, I found that my left eye was much worse.  It had developed a noticeable astigmatism.  I didn't realized how bad my vision was until I saw what it was supposed to be.

As I thought about this, I realized that this is part of the reason that God tells us that we are not to "forsake the fellowship of the brethren."  I thought I was doing pretty well, all things considered, but when I asked about what I was seeing, I found that it was a little off.  The same can happen with Christians who don't spend time with other believers: they can start to feel like they are "doing all right," but in truth, they are a little off.  We can get caught up on tangents and lose sight (pun intended) of what really matters if we don't check ourselves first with the Word of God, and then with the people of God.

Self-sufficiency is good; we are not supposed to be needy, or codependent people. But one of the first things God said about mankind was this: "It is not good for man to be alone."

Monday, March 28, 2011

Yesterday's Mana

I was reading in Exodus recently and something struck me.  The mana that God provided for His people was something that had to be gathered each day.  It could not be kept for the next day or stored for future use.  ( with the exception of the sabbath, which was the day that was supposed to be set apart for time with God exclusively)  Also, God led His people each day with a pillar of cloud or a pillar of fire, whether by day or night respectively.  Both of these acts of provision--nourishment or direction--were intended as training for the day-to-day reliance on God.  It also set a  precedent for us.

How often have we gained a new revelation about God, or gained some insight into His character and then rested in that "new" thing indefinitely?  I have been thinking about how the Bible says that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  I believe that God did what He did with the Israelites because it was what they needed in order to be His people, and because it set up examples for us to follow (like road signs, not blueprints) to better know how to walk in relationship with God.

We have to seek God EVERY day to find out what He is doing in our sphere of influence (our family, job, friends, church, and personal growth).  If we do not seek it each day, then what we have runs the risk of becoming stale or, like the mana, it may rot and become unpalatable to us.

If we look through God's eyes at the mana situation, then we see that the  mana was just a tool: it was God that nourished them.  In the same frame of thought, it is not the individual revelations of the character of God that makes ours lives full and fulfilled, but the actual contact with God at the moment of revelation that was the true inspiration.

We all need to try to stop looking at the modes of provision and learn to rely on the Provider and the relationship that His methods of provision imply that He desires with us.