Thursday, June 4, 2009

The "End Times" aren't COMING; They're here.

You know, for as long as I can remember, I've heard people talking about what it will be like in the "End Times."  About how scary things will be, and how bad the world will get.  Look around, though.  Not at the TV set or the fashion scene.  Not at the movies and music that are popular or the things that are advertised and available on the Internet.  Look at the Christians.

I'm not even talking about the "fair weather" Christians.  Look at all of us.  We talk about how bad the "end times" will be, but what are we doing to prepare?  Buying generators and stocking up on bottled water and can goods?  . . .  Against the Anti-Christ?  Against the Devil?  I'm not accusing anybody but the Devil.  He has spent generations getting into homes and households weakening the resolve of Christian to fundamental SURVIVAL needs.  We still say that it is important to read our Bibles, but how much time do we spend actually reading it OUTSIDE of church?  We say that it is important to go to church, but does that take priority over other things?

Two Sundays ago I stayed home from church.  Not because I was sick or too tired to go, I just wanted some peace and quiet and a little free time to put our house in order.  It seemed reasonable at the time. . . *sigh*  My Pastor, a man I am continuously grateful for, gave a message this past Sunday that mentioned people "just taking a Sunday off."  And asking, no telling, us that we need to really respect God's time, His church, and His service.  I knew I had messed up when I found myself justifying myself.  "I never take Sundays off." or "I made good use of the time." or "I had my own time with God."  Then I realized that none of that is valid.  Christianity is NOT PART TIME.  

The Devil isn't taking time off, so he's thrilled when we do.  It gives him a wide open door to throw garbage into our lives/ minds/ hearts/ HOMES.  

You want God to work through your finances?  Tithe EVERY TIME.  You want God to live in your home?  LIVE in His Word.  You want God to speak to you? SPEAK TO HIM all the time.  (YES, He IS interested in your day-to-day life!)  Will it make the problems go away? No.  But it will add POWER to how you deal with them.

Going to church on Sundays isn't enough.  Hearing a sermon once or twice a week isn't enough.   Imagine you could lose those privileges any day, and think how hard you'd listen or attend.  Think about how much time you'd spend reading your Bible if there was someone out there performing miracles in Satan's name.   Now go back and think about the things I said I wasn't talking about in the first paragraph. . . . . . . . . Think about how many of GOD'S Christians are wrapped up in those things. . . . . . . . And ask yourself if you think someone might actually BE out there doing Satan's work.

A friend of mine told me that while he was in Vietnam, he saw guys duck down during a gun fight and start praying, and he'd yell at them: "You should have been praying before!  Now you've got to stay alive!"

To borrow an old line:

Personal daily devotional:                      30 mins - 1 hour per day

Prayer Time To GOD 
(Who WANTs to hear)                           minutes throughout the day

Tithe                                                    a dime from every dollar

Walking hand-in-hand 
with the author of 
creation (who wants 
you to call Him DAD)                             PRICELESS