Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Christianity Defined . . .(sort of)"

Christianity: A system of beliefs whereby one
kneels in order to reach higher
, does less to accomplish more, Surrenders to be victorious, and dies to live.

This all seems rather confusing until you realize that-

On Earth, gold is a precious metal and very valuable;

In Heaven, it's pavement.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm a limited creation
So it's hard for me to see,
How a God that is so wonderful
Could love a wretch like me.

I seem to find the end of me
When I try to understand
How He can measure eternity
And comfort me with the same hand.

Though I'm limited in methods
I'm as grateful as I can
That the God Who set the standard
Lived it out here as a man.

He lived His life as mortal man
As limited as me
But with the Holy Spirit
Where no "limited" can be.

So since He lived and died and
Then He rose and lived again
His Holy Spirit lives in me
And my mind is in a spin

I'm a limited creation
So my mind cannot contain
The symphonies and melodies
That dance inside my brain.

I know now, though I'm limited
On my own my outlook's grim
I've been made a new creation:
I'm Unlimited in Him.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"All Alone . . . With You"

I get lost in the day to day worries and cares
Wrapped up in confusion and strife,
All at once I'm discouraged in my mind's disrepair
I lost control of the things in my life.

My reality's based on the things I can see
And I'm bent by its hold of my view
In my effort to struggle I forget to be
An example of what Christ would do.

The devil attacks me and beats me with shame
And tells me I'm worthless and foul,
Reminds me of failures and of God's sure disdain;
He rants 'till my heart wants to howl.

But I remember a time when truth spoken in love
Set my heart free from guilt, shame, and loss
And I tell the devil, "It's not about me,
But Christ and what He did at the cross!"

So I fall to my knees so my spirit can soar,
And find peace in the Redemption-based view.
Though I'm surrounded by all of the cares there before

It doesn't matter:

I'm here all alone and with You.

Grace Like Rain